You give presents to good children and scare the naughty ones. With your stick, you perform small miracles for children, and you can also freeze someone (but after freezing, it takes a day to recharge). The stick works in anyone's hands, not just yours.

It was you who froze Santa Claus. That naughty Santa Claus had sneaked into Finland and was traveling around as if he were at home, taking away your clients - Finnish kids started writing to him more often than to you. You warned him not to do that, but he didn't listen. And recently you found out that the Yeti people, the Bigfoot, asked Santa Claus to give their children gifts, just like he does for human children! Why did they appeal to an American Christmas Father, considering that Bigfoot lives all over the world? This was the final push. You have come to this year's New Year's and Christmas Employees' Convention to solve the problem with Santa Claus once and for all.
6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time as everyone else. You greeted everyone warmly, especially the ladies: @SnowGirl2002 gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek in response, and the Snow Queen gave you a deep look. The Domovoy gave you the key to room 9.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Dinner was served in the dining room by the Domovoy. You sat down at the same table with Santa Claus to talk. There was also an Elf sitting there, but he was silent and did not disturb you. You started talking about Finland, but Santa Claus answered: "We live in an age of open competition. Those who are less successful must leave!"... You started grinding your teeth. You looked at him angrily and whispered quietly through your beard in Finnish: "Well, you asked for it."
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Number 8 (unoccupied)
After dinner, you heard the Grinch inviting Santa Claus to drink a bottle of mead in his room #2. You quietly stole the key to room #8 from the receptionist - it's right across the hall from room #2, a perfect observation post! And that's where you hid, slightly opening the door and peering through the hole. Black Peter walked down the hall several times. Why can't he rest easy? And the Grinch and Santa Claus were arguing, shouting, and then something fell. The Elf came out of his room hearing the noise and knocked on their door to see if they were okay, and they said they were fine, but Santa Claus was covered in mead... Ha-ha. Then the Grinch ran out upset, and Santa Claus went to his room. Black Peter looked into the Grinch's open room and left. Then the Elf nosed around and left too.

9 pm
9 pm
Location: The Grinch's room and Santa's room
You have also looked in room 2. What luck - the Grinch forgot his wand!
And Santa Claus, probably also impressed by the quarrel, forgot his bag of New Year's gifts. It's a good time - Santa is now in his room! You grabbed the Grinch's wand, rushed to Santa's room, and performed a freezing spell immediately. You will be beyond suspicion - the wand is not yours! Unable to stop yourself, you started mocking your frozen opponent. Then you realized that you had spent too much time in Santa's room, so you left the Grinch's wand next to the ice bar and left. You didn't meet anyone in the hallway.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Bar
You went down to the bar, pretending to be slightly drunk, and demanded mead from the Domovoy. You wanted to make it look like you had been drinking all night. The Gnome and Black Peter were still in the hall. You wanted to call them over as drinking buddies, but the Snow Queen came up to you and started a friendly talk. What an amazing woman! What a pity you were so drunk that you had to pay little attention to her! But next time...

At 11 p.m. you were still at the bar. The Domovoy had gone somewhere, the Snow Queen and Black Peter had left, and even the Gnome had run away. However, an Elf entered the hotel. You called him and started to get him drunk, but he didn't mind.

At 12:00 a.m., you heard screams from the second floor - Santa Claus was found frozen! His bag of gifts was stolen! You wondered who had stolen the bag.

  • Not to be accused of a crime and arrested.
  • Accuse the other person of the crime.
  • Find out who stole the bag. If a thief is operating here, your belongings may be in danger
Joulupukki's memories

You remember that during dinner (you were sitting at the table with Santa Claus and the Elf), the Elf looked like he was very displeased with Santa Claus, but didn't want to talk about it while you were there. But when you had a drink with him in the evening, the Elf, otherwise, was upbeat, as if he had just succeeded in some important task.
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