The North Pole hosts a convention of New Year and Christmas professionals. Here you can meet not only the Santa Claus and his Finnish colleague the Joulupukki, but also the Grinch, the Snow Queen or the Elf. They are signing new contracts, sharing experiences, discussing business and personal issues, and at the same time relaxing before the new busy season.

The only employee of the hotel, the Domovoy, provided everyone with keys, and the guests settled into their rooms. First, they met for dinner. Then at 9 pm they watched a wonderful fireworks display. They talked and walked around the hotel. But at midnight, the alarm went off in the hotel: someone had frozen the Santa Claus in his room! His bag of gifts had been stolen!

The freezing was definitely done by some magical object.
Both Christmas and New Year's Eve are in danger. After all, according to the laws of witchcraft, the one who had frozen Santa had to defrost him. Otherwise, he won't thaw until summer... We must find the guilty one!

But who could have done it? Who wants to get rid of the Santa? Who wants to replace him in such a profitable New Year's business? Whose territory was he delivering gifts in violation of previously signed contracts? Whom did the fairy-tale old man cross the road on his sleigh? The Agent 008 has already arrived to investigate all the circumstances of this case! His assistants are already looking for the evidence. They will tell you about the results of the search a little later. You, dear guests, have been brought together in the hotel hall to ask a few questions. According to the laws of the fairy-tale world, the Agent 008 will be able to arrest only one of you who is pointed out by most of the audience at the end of the discussion.
He is the only member of the hotel staff where the Santa Claus is now frozen. He is a receptionist, a bartender, and a cook. The events ruin the reputation of the hotel and the Domovoy himself.
He is kind, nice, and friendly. You will be the Domovoy (name the player, and rename him along the way)
The owner of this hotel in the North Pole. Since he confessed stealing Christmas, he has been working part-time during the holidays, taking pictures with American children under the Christmas tree. The rest of the time he runs a chain of hotels in the most remote corners of the world. He became fond of family celebrations and even made a Snow Lady out of the purest mountain snow. He brought her to life, and she has been his partner for many years. Meet... (name the player)
(aka a Snow Lady). If you think that the Grinch sculpted her so beautiful at once, you are mistaken. He sculpted his best, and then she fashioned herself. And now her well-shaped body and perfect face attract hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. The Tik Tok and Instagram star has probably already posted a dozen stories about this meeting with... (name the player)
A Finnish Christmas man with a beard and a cane. To be honest, at first glance, you wouldn't be able to distinguish him from the Santa. Except for the very long hat knitted by his wife Muori, the personification of winter. The Muori did not come to the meeting this time, she is preparing gifts for Finnish children. The Joulupukki works with European gnomes. These are the ones who live in the houses and then tell the Joulupukki how everyone behaved during the year. Well, they tell him a lot of other things too. (name the player)
The queen of winter and a fabulous woman from northern Europe. A Scandinavian icy diva and the personification of cold. She controls blizzards and snowstorms. (name the player)
Aka Yeti, aka Bigfoot. He comes from America. He is big, hairy, carrying a huge stick on his shoulder, so people prefer not to argue with him. (name the player)
An American representative of Christmas gift manufacturing. The Santa Claus wouldn't have anything to deliver to American children without these guys. (name the player)
A colleague of the Elf, a representative of gift manufacturing companies from Europe. At first, the dwarves carried the gifts to the children themselves. But then they signed contracts with Santa Clauses and focused on production. (name the player)
The assistant of a Dutch Christmas man, who came on behalf of his boss. He does not bring gifts to good children but punishes the naughty ones. That's why he carries a stick with him, but he doesn't have a wand. (name the player)
A man from the secret spy service. He is assigned to investigate the case of freezing the Santa Claus. 008 has prevented global disasters more than once. And now he is ready to save the holiday for American children. (name the player)

One of Agent 008's assistants enters the room and reports the results of the search. In Santa Claus' and Joulupukki's rooms, they found bottles of mead with sleeping pills added to them. All magic wands, the Grinch's wand, and Bigfoot's baton were seized and sent for expertise. No other dangerous items were found in the hotel. is pointed out by most of the audience at the end of the discussion."
Event 1

"One of the Agent 008's assistants enters the room and presents the results of an independent expertise. The forensic analysis shows that the freezing could have been done with either of the magic wands, the Grinch's cane, or Bigfoot's baton. The freezing charge was used up in both the Grinch's wand and the Bigfoot's baton. The rest of the wands are full. "
Event 2

A bag of Santa Claus gifts was found in the forest under a Christmas tree near the hotel. The bag was hidden in the snow. The bag was tied with a coloured rope to prevent it from opening. Under the rope was a "New York-North Pole" airline ticket. Unfortunately, the ticket was damaged, so the name on it was not readable. Obviously, the ticket belonged to a thief. The Santa Claus ticket was found in his room.
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