At first, you didn't like Christmas, lived in your cave on a mountain, hated people, and even once stole Christmas from a nearby town. But after that case, you experienced the spirit of Christmas, confessed your crime, and even fell in love with the holidays, and now you work part-time in America at Christmas, taking pictures with children near the Christmas tree. But it's just a nice hobby.Your main business is a chain of mini-hotels in unique places around the world. At this year's Convention of New Year and Christmas Employees, you are the host. This hotel at the North Pole, where the convention is taking place, belongs to you, and the Domovoy is your employee.

Since you've been working part-time during the Christmas holidays, you've gained a magic wand - you use it to light the Christmas tree, perform small miracles for the kids, and you can also freeze someone (after such a freeze, it takes 24 hours to recharge). The wand works in anyone's hands, not just yours.

For this meeting, you left your cave and came here with your sweetheart, @SnowGirl2002. You love her very much, because you made her out of pure mountain snow, making her the way you wanted to. She thinks that she is not beautiful enough, so she keeps on " modifying" herself - losing weight in the waist, building up her breasts, etc. You have accepted this. But the enthusiasm with which she posts her body on social media annoys you.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You and @SnowGirl2002 arrived at the hotel at the same time as the others. You kissed the Snow Queen's hand and she gave you a gentle, long look. By the way, women have always liked you! But then you noticed that your Snow Lady was hugging Joulupukki and then Black Peter, so you took the naughty girl upstairs. The Domovoy had left you, as the owner, a two-room suite, which is room #2 according to the hotel plan.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
You went to have dinner alone, @SnowGirl2002 keeps fit and doesn't eat after 6pm. Dinner was served by the Domovoy. You were sitting with Black Peter, while Santa Claus and Joulupukki and the Elf were at the other table. Drunk, Black Peter complained to you that Santa Claus was stealing his job by traveling around Holland giving gifts to Dutch children. You sympathized, but you thought to yourself: if only Santa would really move to Europe, you would not only work on photo shoots in America, but you could also deliver gifts. The Snow Lady has been telling you for a long time that it would be good to take your career to the next level!
8 pm
8 pm
Location: the Grinch's room #2
You invited Santa Claus to your room to drink a bottle of mead and have a frank conversation. Suddenly, Santa Claus confirmed that he was gradually expanding his sphere of influence, and Holland was just the first step. You suggested that he could give you a few American states to work in if that was the case. You wouldn't mind going to the next level because you are thinking of getting married. He just laughed! And then he hinted that he and your Snow Lady were already having an online romance! You got angry and threw mead in the guy's face, he tripped and fell over a chair. The Elf rushed to the noise, but you told him off, saying that everything was fine. Santa Claus went to his room, and you rushed to find @SnowGirl2002. In a hurry, you forgot your wand in your room, even though you usually carry it with you.
9 pm
9 pm
Location: The lobby, the forest
The @SnowGirl2002 was not in the lobby - the Snow Queen and the Bigfoot were sitting there. The Snow Queen offered to help, and you spent an hour searching the area together. You also enjoyed watching the hares jumping in the forest. You felt that you started to like the Snow Queen more and more....
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Forest..
And here you found @SnowGirl2002 on the edge of the forest. She immediately started screaming: "How dare you walk hand in hand with the Snow Queen, with that peppercorn! The Snow Queen immediately left, and you replied to @SnowGirl2002 in the same way: how dare she email that narcissistic guy behind your back!

At 11 p.m., you and @SnowGirl2002 returned to your room. The door was open - you must have forgotten to lock it. @SnowGirl2002 had locked up in the bedroom. You went to sleep on the couch in the hall, but you couldn't fall asleep. Your room is a walk-through, and if the Snow Lady came out of the bedroom in the dark, you would notice.

At 12:00 a.m., the Domovoy broke into your apartment to tell you that Santa Claus had been frozen and his bag of presents had been stolen! You don't like the story of the missing gifts - since you were the one who stole them from the whole town once! Someone could intentionally set you up! You immediately started getting dressed. While the Domovoy was waking up the rest, you managed to organize yourself... and only then did you remember your wand! Luckily, it didn't take long to find it - it was right next to the door in your room.

  • To find the criminal and unfreeze Santa Claus. Otherwise, the incident will go public and will ruin your hotel business!
  • To find the thief who stole the bag of gifts (if it is not the one who froze Santa Claus). If you don't find the thief, then you will be blamed for the loss because of your story about the once-stolen Christmas!
  • Avoid being accused of either of the two crimes and avoid arrest.
The Grinch's Memories.
You remember that the Domovoy people have an unbreakable law: they cannot harm anyone who is in their house. So, the Domovoy people would not be able to freeze Santa Claus.

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