You are a gnome, a representative of a fairy tale people living in Europe. You like to be grumpy, but you have a good heart. Your nation is skilled in crafts, but unfortunately, recently, gnomes' products have been in demand only as Christmas and New Year's gifts. Children need a miracle only on New Year's Eve, and on the rest of the days, they want an iPhone and a game console!

The gnomes' factories used to make wonderful toys that Santa Claus used to buy for New Year's gifts. But then Santa Claus decided to stop buying them from you and started purchasing them from elves. What should the gnomes do when they lose their distribution market?

You have been assigned to talk to Santa Claus on behalf of all the nation and negotiate a renewal of the contract. That's why you've come to the New Year's and Christmas Employees' Convention.

You are keeping a secret: in ancient times, your nation used to serve the Snow Queen, and all the gnomes remember that a man she likes soon has his heart turned into a piece of ice. Probably the fans who are chasing after the Snow Queen don't know that!
6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time as everyone else. Everyone was exchanging greetings, the Grinch was kissing the Snow Queen's hand, and no one really paid attention to you. What a pity! The Domovoy has settled you in room 3
7 pm
7 pm
Location: The hallway of the second floor of the hotel.l.
After putting your things away, you wondered how to complete your task. You were even ready to steal a bag of gifts from one of the Christmas Fathers so that they would be forced to buy new ones from you - after all, Christmas is coming soon, they can't stay without gifts! Instead of dinner, you were wandering the hallway, pulling door handles. It was useless - everyone either carried their gift bags with them or locked them carefully.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: The hallway on the 2nd floor of the hotel and the forest.
@SnowGirl2002 jumped out of the Snow Queen's room and burst into tears in the hallway. You felt sorry for her, started to comfort her and offered to go for a walk together. You invited her to the forest: it was beautiful there, with squirrels and hares jumping around. In response to your questions, @SnowGirl2002 briefly told you about her personal problems, and you shared yours - Santa Claus no longer bought toys from gnomes, especially your toys... In an hour, @SnowGirl2002 got bored and at the first chance she left you and vanished in the forest. Maybe she didn't need to know the details of factory production.
9 pm
9 pm
Location:Gnome room №3.
There was a fireworks show for the guests, but you were not up for it. You returned to the hotel and found the Domovoy in your room, searching through your things! How impudent of him! And why your things? Why does everyone always hurt gnomes? The Domovoy assured you that he was just cleaning the rooms. You didn't really believe him, but you promised that you would forgive him if he brought you a bag of Santa's gifts. After all, everything can be turned in your favor.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Bar
You went downstairs to drink some herbal tea and calm down. Besides you, there were Joulupukki, the Snow Queen, Black Peter, and the Domovoy, who was serving tea and mead to the guests. You notice that the Snow Queen talked only to Joulupukki, and Black Peter kept staring at her. But no one seemed to care about you!

At 11 p.m. you decided to take a walk in the frosty cold outside to sleep better and left the hotel. You walked under the windows, and suddenly... you were struck and found yourself frozen! You were attacked by Bigfoot. Holding you tightly, he unfroze you and asked you strictly why you had jumped out of the window an hour ago. You angrily replied that you hadn't jumped anywhere an hour ago, but were sitting in the lobby! Bigfoot said that he must have made a mistake and started apologizing. And just as he finished apologizing, disturbing screams came from the second floor of the hotel at 12:00 a.m. - Santa Claus was found frozen and his bag of gifts was stolen!
  • Claus. Otherwise, who will you negotiate the contract with?
  • Find out who stole the bag of gifts. If it was the Domovoy who did it at your request, then ensure that you personally will not be suspected of anything.
  • Avoid being accused of any crime or arrested just in case someone makes the wrong conclusions about your behavior.
The Dwarf's Memories
You remember that at the beginning of the night, Joulupukki ordered some mead for the Domovoy and said that he had been drinking all night. However, as you now realize, at that moment there was no smell of alcohol coming from Joulupukki at all!
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