You are an Elf, from a fairy-tale nation living in America, famous for its crafts and arts. Unfortunately, recently your goods have not been sold anywhere except as a part of New Year's gifts: only on New Year's Eve children hope for a miracle, and on the rest of the days they would rather have an iPhone and game consoles.

Elves work in factories producing Christmas toys all year round, and Santa Claus pays them a mere penny. As soon as you mentioned raising his salary, he threatened to buy goods from gnomes. This could not continue anymore! You have been entrusted with the task of negotiating with Santa Claus on behalf of the elves and convincing him to change his mind. That's why you've come to the New Year's and Christmas Employees' Convention.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You arrived at the same time as everyone else. While the hotel owners were kindly chatting with the guests, the Domovoy was giving out the keys. You got room 6, settled in and arranged your things.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Domovoy was serving dinner. You sat down at the same table with Santa Claus, and Joulupukki also joined you. You felt uncomfortable talking about your problems in front of someone else, so the American and Finnish Santa Clauses mostly talked to each other. You were deep in your own thoughts and did not listen to what they were saying. Until you noticed that the conversation was getting intense. Obviously, American Santa had managed to really offend and annoy Joulupukki! I was wondering why Santa Claus had such a bad temper. Meanwhile, at the next table, the Grinch and Black Peter were chatting quite friendly…
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Elf Room №6.
You went to your room and began to think about the upcoming conversation with Santa Claus. Your thoughts were interrupted by the noise and screaming from room #2, where the Grinch and @SnowGirl2022 lived. You went out, and Black Peter came up to room #2 along with you. You looked into the room, the Grinch was standing at the door, he said rather harshly that everything was fine. You went back to your room, noticing that the door of room #8 was slightly open, and it looked like someone was behind it. It's strange... no one lived there, right?
9 pm
9 pm
Place: Number of Santa Claus №2.
You left the room before the fireworks. The door of room #2 was open. You looked in: there was no one there, but there was a bag of Santa Claus gifts and the Grinch's wand! Obviously, the Christmas businessmen had forgotten their things while arguing! You came up with a plan: take the bag of gifts, hide it, and return it only after Santa Claus agrees to increase the elves' pay. There was not much time left before Christmas, there was nowhere to buy new gifts for Santa, and he would have to agree!
Unfortunately, at that moment Black Peter appeared in the hall. You can't take the bag in front of him... You decided that there was another way to get into the Grinch's room through the chimney. It's more unnoticeable! You broke into the attic and climbed up to the roof, but while you were looking for the right chimney, the same Black Peter appeared on the roof! You started talking to him about fireworks and about how beautifully the wild hares roll over in the snow, hoping that Peter would get cold and leave. But no! You talked on the roof for an hour, and then you both went downstairs. He went down to the hall, and you stayed on the second floor.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Grinch's room # 2 and forest.
You quietly came up to the Grinch's room... hooray, it's still unlocked, and the Santa Claus bag is still there! You threw the bag into the snowdrift under the window, jumped down, and then took the bag to the forest and buried it under the tree. On the way, the bag started to untie, so you had to tie it up quickly with a rope you had in your pocket. You thought that something else was pulled out of your pocket along with the rope, but in the rush you didn't pay attention.

At 11 pm you calmly entered the hotel hall. Only Joulupukki was there, who immediately offered you a drink. Why not! In a cheerful mood, you drank some mead with Joulupukki until, at 12 am, you heard disturbing screams from upstairs: Santa Claus had been found frozen!
  • To find a criminal to unfreeze Santa Claus. Otherwise, who will you talk to about a pay raise?
  • Not to be accused of freezing Santa Claus (you never know, someone might make the wrong conclusions from your behavior)
  • To blame someone else for stealing the bag.
The Elf's memories
You remembered that when you looked into the open Grinch apartment just after 9 p.m., there was the Grinch's wand and a bag of Santa's gifts. And when you entered the room just after 10 p.m., you didn't see the wand anymore. So, someone must have taken the wand out of the room between 9 and 10 p.m.
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