You are an organized and curious housekeeper. You work at a hotel in the North Pole owned by the Grinch. It's a mini-hotel, and you are the receptionist, bartender, cook, and an ordinary servants here. There are a lot of things to do - no time to rest.
No one usually pays attention to the Domovoys, and meanwhile they are very attentive. And curious! You often look into guests' rooms when they are not there and look through their things just for fun. But you never harm the guests or their property. This is an unbreakable law for all Domovoys.
6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
All the participants of the New Year and Christmas Employee Congress arrived almost at the same time. You greeted guests and handed out room keys. Despite the hassle, you noticed that @SnowGirl2002, while kissing Santa Claus on the cheek when they met, whispered something to him, and he replied "Yes, I will come". Then @SnowGirl2002 also kissed Joulupukki and Black Peter, but she didn't whisper anything.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Starting from 7 pm, you served dinner in the Dining Room. Only five of the guestst had dinner: The Grinch and Black Peter at one table, and Santa Claus, Joulupukki, and the Elf at another. While serving the tables, you noticed that the Grinch and Black Peter were talking friendly, but Santa Claus seemed to annoy Joulupukki so much that he was even grinding his teeth in anger.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Bar.
Right after dinner, the Grinch invited Santa Claus to drink a bottle of mead in his room. They left, and then everyone else left as well. From your seat at the bar, you can see both the bar with the dining room and the hall. Bigfoot came in and sat down by the TV. Soon the Bigfoot was joined by the Snow Queen. Everything was peaceful.
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Guest rooms.
At 9 pm there was a fireworks display to honor the guests. You decided that everyone would go to watch the fireworks, and you would take a look around the guests' rooms. You went to the room #3 - the Gnome's room - but he suddenly returned to his room and caught you looking through his things! An explanation followed. You claimed that you were cleaning the rooms. He did not believe you and said that he would forgive you if you secretly stole a Santa Claus gift bag for him. You didn't tell the Gnome that the Domovoy's laws forbid you to harm the guests, so you agreed to steal the bag. The main idea was to keep the Gnome quiet.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Bar
You returned to your post at the bar. Joulupukki (he asked you for some mead, saying that he had been drinking all evening and wanted to continue), the Gnome, the Snow Queen, and Black Peter were gathered in the hall. You served everyone, bringing mead to one, hot tea to another.

At 11 p.m., you were making your evening rounds of the hotel, looking in and out the empty guest rooms. In room #4, where Bigfoot lived, you found some chewed-up bones and skin from a hare - you wondered where it could have come from.

At 12 a.m., you went to Santa's room thinking it was empty... What a terrible surprise! The door to Santa's room was open, and he was frozen! His bag of presents had gone. There's a Grinch's wand next to him.

You were afraid that the Grinch would be imprisoned and then the hotel would be closed. Taking the wand, you ran to the Grinch's room and, telling him about Santa Claus, quietly left the wand behind the room door. And then you began knocking on the doors of other rooms and telling them what had happened. You believe that the Grinch was the victim of some kind of mistake, and you are going to defend him as best you can during the investigation. But if the evidence against him is convincing, you might change your mind. After all, he's already stolen the Christmas from the town once before. And now the holiday for all American children is in danger!
  • To find out who has frozen Santa Claus. It is known that the situation can only be resolved if the same character unfreezes him. It's important that the villain is the one who unfroze him! It all happened in your hotel, and it's a matter of professional pride to resolve the situation.

  • To find out who has stolen the bag with Santa's gifts (if it is not the same criminal). It's bad enough if your hotel becomes famous for stealing!

  • Not to be accused of any of the crimes. What if they decide to blame it on you! After all, in detective stories, the butler is always guilty.
Domovoy's memories

You remember that Joulupukki, after talking to Santa Claus during dinner, looked at him angrily and muttered quietly through his beard in Finnish: "Well, you had it coming."
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