The Dutch Christmas Father presents gifts to good children, and YOU punish the bad ones. You like to punish - you're a fan of black humor and little pranks.

Your boss didn't come to the New Year and Christmas Employees' Convention because he doesn't like corporate events. He delegates you to handle his business. You are considered one of the company. But you are upset that you don't have any magical winter artifacts - no stick, no cane, no magic wand that can freeze people and perform some Christmas miracles.

You came to the Congress to have a serious conversation with Santa Claus. This trickster is stealing you and your boss's jobs by traveling around the Netherlands as if he was at home, giving gifts to Dutch children, and as a result, he is becoming more popular than your boss and you. Santa Claus has to realize that he cannot violate other people's boundaries.

Besides, you were hoping to buy a magical freezing item at this convention somehow. To be honest, you were even ready to steal it!
6 pm

6 pm

Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time as everyone else. You seemed to be welcomed. The women were especially nice: The Snow Queen gave you a kind of promising look, and @SnowGirl2022 even gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The Domovoy has given you the key to room #7.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Dinner was served by the Donovoy. You wanted to talk to Santa Claus right away, but he was already sitting at the table with Joulupukki and the Elf. You had to sit down with the Grinch. He was so charming and hospitable that you complained to him about your problems with Santa Claus; the Grinch sincerely sympathized to you.

8 pm
8 pm
Location: Corridor of the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Right after dinner, Santa Claus went to the Grinch's room. You failed to pick him up again. While waiting for Santa to be free, you walked along the corridor on the second floor. Just for fun, you left bottles of mead with sleeping pills in the empty rooms of Santa Claus and Joulupukki - let them oversleep the breakfast. At the same time, you checked whether anyone had left their magical artifact without care, but no, there wasn't anything anywhere.

Meanwhile, the sounds of a quarrel, shouting, and loud noises were coming from the Grinch's room. Hearing the noise, the Elf came out of his room and knocked on their door. They dismissed him, saying that everything was fine, but over the Elf's shoulder, you could see that Santa Claus was covered in mead... Ha-ha!

9 pm
9 pm
Location: Corridor 2 floors and the roof of the hotel.
The Grinch ran out of the room in frustration, and Santa Claus went to his own room. You looked into the left room and found the bag of gifts and the Grinch's wand. Finally! You wanted to come in and take the wand right away, but the Elf came back into the hallway. You couldn't take it when he was around.

So you decided to sneak into room #2 through the chimney. You climbed up to the roof, but at the appropriate chimney you met the Elf again! You were standing on the roof for an hour, talking about fireworks and how beautifully the forest hares were rolling over in the snow, hoping that the Elf would get cold and leave, but he did not. Finally, you went down together. The Elf went to the second floor, and you went downstairs to the bar.
10 pm
10 pm
Joulupukki, the Snow Queen and the Gnome were sitting at the bar. The Domovoy was serving them their drinks. The Snow Queen was talking to Joulupukki about something, and you were looking at her and thinking: the Snow Queen has a cane, and if you marry her, you can use it - because the couple's property is joint!

At 11 p.m., the Snow Queen went upstairs, and you followed her, making up something to talk about along the way. You were successful: she invited you to her room for a glass of wine! You had a nice chat with the Snow Queen for an hour, until at 12 am the Domovoy knocked on the door with the news that Santa Claus was frozen!

A crime investigation is about to begin, and your prank with sleeping pills is not appropriate at such a time. Someone might misunderstand your love for pranks and not appreciate the sleeping pills in other people's rooms. This can be considered as a criminal act! It would be better if no one linked the sleeping pills to you. Besides, you can continue to charm the Snow Queen while the investigation is going on!
  • Not to be accused of a crime. If you get arrested and don't return to work before Christmas, your boss will not understand. Your career will be over!
  • Find a criminal to unfreeze Santa Claus. After all, you haven't completed your boss's assignment and talked to Santa yet. He's a bastard, of course, but you can't let an attempt on the life of a New Year's character happen! It could end in an international scandal!
  • Find the thief who stole the bag of gifts (if it's not the one who froze Santa Claus).
Black Peter's memories
One of the friends has told you that the gnomes really want to get a contract on supplying gifts for Santa Claus. If there is no Santa Claus, the gnomes will lose a major distribution market. At the time, you didn't pay much attention to this information, but now you have suddenly remembered it.
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