You are a member of the Bigfoot nation, the Snow People. Your people live on snow-capped mountaintops all over the world; you personally come from North America. You are very strong but easy-going yet sometimes rude. Bigfoots eat only raw meat from hunting. You are ashamed of this - it is not very civilized, but you can't help it. You are particularly fond of hares; whenever you hear the word "hare", you always shout "AAGRH! HARE, HARE, I WANT TO EAT IT!!!"

Recently, the Bigfoot people asked Santa Claus to give them gifts this year, just like he gives to people. Santa Claus agreed but put forward a demand: in return, the Bigfoots must do everything he asks. When Santa Claus asked for a bodyguard during his trip to the North Pole, you were sent to him. You must perform well so as not to let the Bigfoot people down. No one knows that you are here as a bodyguard. Santa asked you to stay anonymous unless necessary. In public, he pretends to be easy-going and open-minded. However, he knows that he has managed to ruin the New Year's business for many competitors. Your goal was to keep an eye on them. Now it turns out that you failed to do your job, and your boss will remain an ice block for six months unless you find the criminal. And there are only a few days left until Christmas! Bigfoot children may be left without gifts.

You have a magic stick that can freeze any creature. However, after freezing, it needs 24 hours to recharge. The stick works in anyone's hands, not just yours, so you don't leave it out of your control.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: The Hall
Santa Claus wanted you to come to the New Year and Christmas Employees' Convention apart from him, pretending that you barely know him. A lot of people arrived at the same time as you, greeting each other and chatting in the hotel lobby. You noticed that there were no Santa Claus enemies, yet everyone loved him: @SnowGirl2002 hugged him and kissed him on the cheek when she met him, and the Snow Queen looked at him with a meaningful look. The Domovoy gave you the key to room #4.

7 pm
7 pm
Location: Bigfoot's Room (№4).
The hotel serves dinner, but you can't eat cooked food! You need raw meat. Luckily, you brought a hare meat with you and secretly had dinner in your room. While you were eating, you heard pieces of conversation from room #5. There was a quarrel going on. A woman's voice exclaimed that Santa Claus would certainly get a divorce. You remembered this, but were surprised: how could Santa Claus get a divorce? Was he married?

8 pm
8 pm
Location: Hall
When you left the room, you saw Santa Claus and the Grinch talking and entering room #2. You went downstairs and occupied a position opposite the front door - that's where real bodyguards always sit. And you started watching TV, as bodyguards always do. From your spot, you could see the entire lobby and the bar. The Domovoy was standing behind the bar. The Snow Queen came in and sat down with you, but the bodyguards kept their eyes open, so you answered her briefly and remained silent the rest of the time.
9 pm
9 pm
Location: The hall.
When the fireworks for the guests were about to start, the Grinch appeared in the lobby looking for his girlfriend. The Snow Queen volunteered to help him, and they left together. The Domovoy went somewhere, and you were sitting alone. All was quiet.

10 pm
10 pm
Location: Near the hotel.
You decided that you needed to do more to ensure safety, like going around the hotel! As you were walking by, you noticed a suspicious shadow under the windows of room #2, where the Grinch and @SnowGirl2002 were staying, as if someone had jumped out of the window and was running away. You started chasing but couldn't catch the stranger.

At 11 p.m., you searched around the hotel in search of the mysterious stranger, and then - hooray! - You spotted someone under the same windows! Strike, freeze! Closer inspection reveals that you have caught a Gnome. Holding him tightly, you removed the freeze and began to question him: why did he jump out of the window an hour ago? The Gnome answered scared that he hadn't been here an hour ago - he was sitting in the hall. Hmm... You had to apologize. As soon as you stopped apologizing, at 12 am, disturbing screams came from the second floor of the hotel: Santa Claus had been found frozen! His bag had been stolen!

  • Find the criminal to unfreeze Santa Claus. This is your direct responsibility as a security guard.
  • If the bag was not stolen by the person who froze Santa Claus, then find the thief as well. This is also part of the guard's duties.
  • Not to be accused of a crime yourself. It would be a shame for the entire Bigfoot people!

Bigfoot's memories

You remember that before you noticed the suspicious person jumping out of the window, you had heard a soft noise, as if a large object had fallen into the snowdrift from a height.

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